“Every year, we, BCA Solitaire, always hold Chinese New Year events with our beloved Solitaire customers. When we chose Friends Entertainment (FE), we had a chance to remind, every year the program has to be better and better, and now the last few years have been very good, so the quality of this year can't go down at all. Of course this is a challenge in itself for FE, of course. But thanks to FE's creativity, professionalism and hard work, and also thanks to the cohesiveness of FE and BCA, the event was finally realized very well. Even in preparation, even though there were some obstacles that we faced, all of them were passed very well and the customers who attended also conveyed their extraordinary compliments, for their satisfaction in attending this event. Thank you FE friends, for their extraordinary hard work, and do not forget the support of the people involved in the event, BCA customers, BCA Directors, BCA employees, and of course, the very capable role supporters, Abby Gallaby and Renno K., and do not forget to the committee who have tried hard to make this event a success. See you.”

Ugahary Yovvy Chandra

BCA Solitaire

“We're so grateful our event was well executed and everyone are very happy. Most of them told me that the event was very spectacular. On behalf of JNE we'd like to thanks FRIENDS:HUB for bringing this event to the next level. We wish thath relationship between JNE and FRIENDS:HUB will be getting better in the future. Success for FRIENDS:HUB”

Mohamad Feriadi

President Director of JNE

“We had an ambitious vision for our launching event of our perfume, InLove Princess Syahrini with Sephora at Plaza Indonesia. As perfume designers, our art is capturing a moment or an emotion through a scent, while FRIENDS:HUB has mastered their art of taking a vision and creating unique moments and lasting emotions. We would not have been able to realise our dream without a help from FRIENDS:HUB”


My Scent Design

“A very professional event organizer driven by creative, innovative, and responsible people. This is very clearly reflected when successfully held a nationwide event held by Indosat in early 2012 with the theme "IM3 SECRET HOLIDAY". Bravo FRIENDS:HUB !!!”

Nusantara Widyandaru

Head of Digital Marketing PT INDOSAT

“We work with FRIENDS:HUB for our company event twice. FRIENDS:HUB has a very solid and very responsive team because they consist of experienced individuals. There are so many crucial moments that can be solved in a creative way. Thank you, FRIENDS:HUB .”

Triardhy Reza Effendy

Asst. Manager HR ER MINAMAS