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Our integrated communication agency will assist you to plot a brand communication with varieties of customized and different concepts, specifically tailored for your need.
“Working along together with Friends Entertainment feels like giving out a part of my mind and soul to this extraordinary team. I only done part of my duties. A fun creative and responsible team and obviously a non stop innovative ideas. Satisfied is not enough, super satisfied is the exact signature for their work result. Go, Fight, Win FRIENDS ENTERTAINMENT”
S.Rachmi Indahsari - PT Pertamina (Persero)
“Setiap tahun, kami, BCA Solitaire, selalu mengadakan acara Imlek bersama Nasabah Solitaire tercinta. Saat kami memilih Friends Entertainment (FE), kami sempat me-remind, setiap tahun acara nya harus lebih bagus dan lebih bagus, dan saat ini beberapa tahun terakhir sudah sangat bagus, jadi kualitas thn ini sama sekali ga boleh turun. Tentunya ini menjadi challenge tersendiri bagi FE pastinya. Tapi berkat kreativitas, profesionalisme dan kerja keras FE, dan juga berkat kekompakan FE dan BCA, akhirnya acara dapat terealisasi dengan sangat baik. Dalam persiapannya pun, walau terdapat beberapa kendala yang kita hadapi, namun semua dapat terlewati dengan sangat baik dan nasabah yang hadir pun juga menyampaikan compliment nya yang sangat luar biasa, atas kepuasan mereka hadir di acara ini. Terima kasih buat teman-teman FE, atas kerja kerasnya yang luar biasa, dan tidak lupa atas dukungan para insan yang terlibat mengisi acara, Nasabah BCA, para Direksi BCA, para Karyawan BCA, dan tentunya, para pendukung peran yang sangat mumpuni, Abby Gallaby dan Renno K., dan tidak lupa kepada para Panitia yang telah berusaha keras untuk mensukseskan keberlangsungan acara ini. Sampai Jumpa.”
Ugahary Yovvy Chandra - Excecutive Vice President
“voluntary day ini bagian dari rangkaian dari dari ulang tahun Pertamina yang ke 62, jadi untuk kegiatan voluntary days sendiri ada 2 kegiatan utama yaitu Pertamina Energi Negeri yaitu para relawan mengajar kita di 15 kota di 50 lokasi itu mengajar baik itu ke sekolah - sekolah dasar maupun sekolah intuisi serta yayasan anak. jadi telama 3 hari ini kita punya berbagai kegiatan yang intinya adalah untuk memberikan apresiasi kepada relawan kami sekaligus memberikan awareness ke teman- teman pekerja yang selama ini belum terlibat dalam kegiatan kerelawanan di pertamina untuk terbuka pikirannya terbuka hatinya untuk ikut serta menjadi relawan baik itu di internal pertamina maupun di persilakan untuk ikut di kegiatan di yayasan yayasan yang kita undang pada kegiatan kegiatan selama 3 gari ini. harapan utama kami adalah yang pertama bahwa kegiatan voluntary ini dapat di ikuti oleh pekerja pertamina itu saja pada intinya, untuk perayaan itu sendiri kalau bisa kita lakukan setiap tahun itu lebih baik agar energy positif yang ada ini bisa kita sebarkan dan kita tularkan. friends nya oke banget, tahan banting, dan kita sebenarnya sudah berkerjasama sudah lama jadi ga pas di CSR saja, jadi kalau sudah sama team nya mas Zacky dari jaman kita di brand kemudian saya lanjut lagi di CSR jadi kayanya si Ritmenya si sudah dalat gita, maunya kita seperti apa jadi ga terlalu lama kita mencari kemistrinya”
Murti Dewi Hani - Manager CSR Pertamina
“This will be the third Daikin Pro Shop Award event, after the first time in 2017 FY17 and now FY18 at the Mandarin Hotel on May 3, 2019. The event went smoothly and was a great success. Everyone was happy. Thank you Friends.”
Hendy Budihartono, Senior Marketing Manager, Daikin
“Friends’ team are very cooperative, every changes can be quickly responded. Friends also help to provide a lot of local workers at event and give them a briefing first so the team understands their responsibilities. Alhamdulillah, the event went smoothly and neatly. Thank you Friends!”
Milla Suciyani - PT Pertamina (Persero)
“On behalf of the Management of PT. ISS Indonesia, we thank you for the successful, cooperative and creativity of the events that have been given for ISS Indonesia's GREAT AWARD 2019 event so the participants got an unforgettable experience.”
Lina Aliyah, Employee Engagement Dept. Head of People & Culture, ISS Indonesia
“We work with Friends for our company event twice. Friends has a very solid and very responsive team because they consist of experienced individuals. There are so many crucial moments that can be solved in a creative way. Thank you, Friends!”
Triardhy Reza Effendy, Asst. Manager HR ER, Minamas
“A very professional event organizer driven by creative, innovative, and responsible people. This is very clearly reflected when successfully held a nationwide event held by Indosat in early 2012 with the theme "IM3 SECRET HOLIDAY". Bravo Friends Entertainment !!!”
Nusantara Widyandaru - Head of Digital Marketing of PT Indosat
“Thanks to PT Kwartet Vaganza Indonesia, for the success of the event of celebration of the 70th anniversary of Indonesia in Pekanbaru with good & Wi-Fi event can run well. Hopefully we can rejoin the next events better”
Boy Rahmat Darwis - PT Pertamina Training & Consulting
“Worked with FE, made our event running smoothly with their genuine idea. Thx for all suport FE. See you on our next event ”
“Once again, Friends has proved their dedication in organizing our event. They managed good comunication with our stake holder, paid attention tp details, and took our need seriously. BUMN hadir untuk Negeri, hosted by Pertamina in Boyolali was a hit.”
Vega Pita - PT Pertamina (Persero)
“We of the Pertamina team were very impressed with the professionals, Friends Entertainment's Friends as a single event organizer from pre to post production events. Friends prepares show gear, VIP consumption, designs event content, audio video material, up to additional last minutes work. One of the impression of the invitation is the creativity of the Friends team presents a choir of children who sang the national anthem and the region in the procession of the event, of course, this shows the spirit of � � �Ayo Indonesia Mengunia� �? brought by Pertamina. Thank you Friends Entertainment”
Christian Erwin - PT Pertamina (Persero)
“Great in concept , responsive level and execution. All team professional, they are very corperative and delivered even for last minutes request. Most important was we act as a team and committed result”
Doni Kusuma - Human Resource General Manager - PT Protelindo
“One of the best EO i've ever engaged. His team is quick to respond and always comes up with solutions. The coordination is really good! Thankyou for his amazingly cool teamwork”
Davina Nova Estikaratri - PT Medika Komunika Teknologi
“We from ISS Indonesia would like to acknowledge the success of the Family Day & 22nd ISS Anniversary which has been handled well by Friends Entertainment as EO. We are satisfied with the services provided by Friends Entertainment Team both pre-show, during the event, and after the Family Day event. In the future hopefully Friends Entertainment can continue to maintain also improve the service to the customer, hopefully we can cooperate in the next event. Send regards for success”
Lina Aliyah - Employee Engagement Dept. Head - PT ISS Indonesia
“Friends Entertainment team is very supportive to clients, both in terms of budget, morning conditions and events that are very sudden, very responsible and full of commitment”
Yoewanty Dirgantoro - PT Bank Mayora
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